Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Pride & Joy

The Orchard

Barren ground in September 2006, now my orchard growing more than 50 fruit trees, from plums, grapes, peaches & nectarines, cherries, mango, lycee, longan & guava.

Trees are netted nearer harvest to deter birds from damaging the fruits.

My 2 rectangle vegetable patches - asparagus & tomatoes; silverbeet & rhubarb.

Canopy over mango protects from frost or extreme sun while it's still under 2 yrs.

3 huge Bushmans tanks (22000 litre ea) fill up very quickly when rain comes, thanks to the large roof area of house & shed.

We mainly prefer to use rainwater for house needs. When tanks are really full we use them for the orchard as well.

The Open-air Courtyard

This is where we do most of our entertaining.

The base of the fountain doubles up as a table.

Pebbled tiles all round the courtyard is very useful for tired feet, after a day in the orchard.

The fridge/freezer is handy for functions.

Double garage, with automatic roller door, is used to set up the band for guitarist Graham.

We especially love the courtyard as even when we partied way past midnight, neighbours are not disturbed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outdoor Kitchen in Open-air Courtyard

This outdoor kitchen is ideal for a bbq (electric), especially when the boys are watching cricket.

42" TV is wall mounted between the 2 windows.

There's small bar fridge, hot/cold tap as well as tap for filtered rainwater.

3rd Bathroom/Toilet

This bathroom is ideally located at the end of the passage.

Makes easy access for guests when we hold a function in the courtyard.

Music Room

With acoustic bats inserted into the walls and this somewhat soundproof.
Has built-in robes to store guitars.

3rd & 4th Bedrooms

These bedrooms are identical in size and are furnished with leather-bound queen size beds with 2 side tables.